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  • “NME has their act together, that's all there is to it. Our roof was damaged from the June 2012 storms, and being relatively new to the area, we signed up for Angie's List to find a reputable contractor. We saw that they were one of the highest-ranked contractors, contacted them and that same day the owner, Noor, got in touch with us. "Joe" was assigned as our Project Manager, was highly accommodating to our work schedules for coming out to do the inspection that weekend, was extremely thorough in both his evaluation as well as his explanations of his findings, but he was also straight forward and candid with us. The evaluation revealed that we needed a new roof as a result of the storm damage, but we also learned that the original roof (12 years old) wasn't property constructed and had glaring deficiencies. Having never filed a homeowner's claim before, Joe did an exceptional job of preparing us for what we could expect throughout the process, and because of his expertise, it went very smoothly. The end result was a new roof after a single day of work: they arrived after we left for work, and were gone before we got home. They went above and beyond the call of duty, securing some siding that was beginning to sag, ensuring they cleared away any mess that may have been there, and working directly with our insurance company about coverage discrepancies rather than requesting we do it.  In the end, the only thing we were responsible for was our deductible, and NME even offered to work out an arrangement so we wouldn't be responsible for the entire sum, which was tremendous!  We really appreciated the overall professionalism and courtesy we received, as well as Joe's efforts to both reassure and help us navigate what would have otherwise been a highly stressful situation. We will not hesitate to contact this A-class company again, thank you!”

  • “Was concerned after we had winds clocked at 80+ mph on June 29 which knocked down two large trees in our yard that the roof might be damaged. Noor the Owner sent out Joe his project manager to inspect the roof. Found damaged shingles. Called my Insurance Company and they sent out an adjuster that fortunately Noor came over just as the adjuster was finishing up the inspection. The Adjuster initially told Noor he could not find any damage. Noor went back up onto the roof with the adjuster and pointed out the damage which the Adjuster agreed needed replaced. Noor sent out 8 guys to do the work and they finished in about 4 hours. Cleaned up pretty well and the roof looks excellent. Noor had the dimensional shingles put on even though the insurance company was only paying for the standard shingles. He says he may not make as much profit but he has a lot less warranty issues with the better shingles.”

  • “I worked with Rafal, who was very pleasant and professional. He took his time explaining the issues with my roof and suggested that insurance might cover my roof repairs. He helped me through the claims process and I got the results I was hoping for. After I received the insurance check, I met with Rafal and Noor (the owner of the company--another professional) to schedule the work. It was done very quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to hire this company again.”
  • “Rafal came to do our inspection sat down with us and showed us the pics and told us the problems. Told us how to file a claim with our insurance. Scheduled a date with our adjuster and came out and looked at the roof with him. Came to pick up the insurance check and to schedule a date to do our roof which was less than a week later. The crew was here on Tuesday morning to start and was done by 6 o'clock that evening. Rafal and Noor [are] so professional and made sure that we were satisfied with the finished product.”
  • “Excellent. They did what they said they would when they said they would. Very professional workmanship.”

  • “Noor was great. He is extremely helpful with explaining things and was very professional.”


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