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Storm Restoration

N.M.E. Builders & Designers, L.L.C. specializes in assessing storm damage and assisting property owners with insurance claims for storm damage.  The total expense is only your standard insurance deductible.

Our job is not just to get you an insurance check, but to make certain that it is used to get your property repaired quickly and well.  We at N.M.E. Builders & Designers, L.L.C. are not only expert at dealing with the insurance company, we are also general contractors who can make sure your property is repaired right.  We understand that this isn’t just simple remodeling work.  Your property is important to you and it has been damaged.  It is important that when you deal with your insurance company professionals who can successfully negotiate your claim handle the job.

Beware of other contractors, who offer estimates.  Insurance related work should never involve standard estimates. If you allow operations to go-ahead from a contractor’s estimate, you may put yourself at risk of a job shortage and/or paying exuberant costs for the repairs out of your own pocket.  Contractors that offer their own estimate on an insurance claim may be attempting to use you to enter into insurance fraud.

At N.M.E. Builders & Designers, L.L.C., we have a standard of integrity to uphold.  We utilize an extensive database of insurance industry knowledge so we are ready to represent you in your storm damage claim.  We will only perform necessary repairs determined from a budget set by your insurance company’s estimate.

You will pay NO EXPENSE other than your standard deductible.

3 Simple Steps (FREE)

These three simple FREE, steps are all it takes to get N.M.E. Builders & Designers, L.L.C. started on your claim:

1. Call N.M.E. Builders & Designers, L.L.C. for a FREE Inspection: At N.M.E. Builders & Designers, L.L.C., we have professional knowledge about home construction and how storm damage can affect a home.  A quick and non-invasive inspection by our trained and knowledgeable staff will determine for you whether your property has sustained any storm damage.

Storm damage isn’t just a branch through a window or a tree through a roof.  A trained eye can spot the subtler aspects of storm damage that may not be readily obvious. If left unattended, minute damage to your roof and/or siding can shorten the potential lifespan of your home or property, and lead to other issues about the building, itself.  If we identify storm damage on your property, we can determine whether you can make an insurance claim on it.  We even provide you with photos of all damage we find.

We use an extensive database of information and meteorological data to determine if damage to your property is attributable to a recent storm, and if it’s insurable as a result.  We will use our experience and resources to help you decide whether or not to file a claim.  Should you choose to file a claim, we will discuss with you the best ways to approach your insurance company.

2. File a Claim with Your Insurance Company and Schedule an Adjustment:  File a claim with your insurance company, and get a claim number.  Damage to your property caused by heavy rain, strong wind, hail, lighting, or any other storm related phenomena is an Act of God and, therefore, a “no fault” insurance claim.  You face no risk of cancellation or rate increases.  Schedule an appointment with your insurance company.  They will send someone out to assess the extent of the damage.

It is IMPORTANT that you schedule the appointment with your insurance company at a SPECIFIC TIME.  You do not need to be home when the adjuster visits.  They can and will perform their work whether you are present or not.  Let N.M.E. Builders & Designers, L.L.C. be there to represent you.  Scheduling a specific time and having a representative be present at that time is a simple courtesy the insurance company should extend to you but often doesn’t.

3. Call N.M.E. Builders & Designers, L.L.C.: Schedule an appointment for N.M.E. Builders & Designers, L.L.C. to meet with your insurance adjuster.  This important part of the process will ensure timely settlement of your claim, and timely repair to your home.  Employees of N.M.E. Builders & Designers, L.L.C. have noticed insurance adjusters seem to work more quickly and thoroughly with a professional contractor standing by on the scene.

When the insurance company has determined the full extent of the storm damage, they will pay for all necessary repairs, including labor costs.  We continue to work with you and the insurance company, as well as with the City, local supply houses, and builders to ensure high quality in the restoration of your property.  We will keep you updated to make sure you are satisfied and well-informed every step of the way as we restore your property to “pre-storm condition.”

We welcome you to schedule an informal meeting with us to discuss the process of insurance storm damage restoration. This is a meeting with no cost or obligation.  It is our way of proving our dedication and knowledge and the high degree of professionalism we have about our business.  If you have storm damage we can discuss your options with you, options that may include allowing us to assess your property and assist you with the filing of your insurance claim, or allowing our company to otherwise assist you in repairing the damage.

If we do work for you we GUARANTEE you will pay no out-of-pocket expense, except your standard insurance deductible.  Detailed discussions about any financial duties will take place prior to the signing of any contracts.


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