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SidingAside from your roof, the vinyl or aluminum siding is your home’s first defense against rain, wind, snow, and the elements.  Siding is also the main factor in determining your home’s image value or “curb-appeal”.  The smallest change to your siding, whether a dent or a disarrangement, can drastically alter the outward appearance and value of a home.

N.M.E. Builders & Designers, L.L.C. will tell you all about your siding options, and describe some of the latest industry trends.  If you want to replace a few pieces of siding we can help you do that and if you want a whole new look, we can do that, too.  We can put up siding or cedar-shake, or faux cedar-shake.  We can even do work with newer innovations like durable, nearly indestructible fiber cement or maintenance-free insulated vinyl siding.  Whatever you want, we are expert at getting your siding within your budget.
that are widely available.  Maybe you are interested in a durable and trendy fiber cement product that offers a maintenance free and nearly indestructible look?  From insulated vinyl panel, or an economical and maintenance-free choice such as standard vinyl or steel siding, we are experts at matching you and your budget with the siding that works for you and your home.
For an attractive look combined with energy efficiency, consider insulated siding. Insulated siding has rigid foam insulation fused behind the exterior surface of the siding panel. Because the insulation is contoured to fill the gap between the siding and your home, insulated siding provides maximum energy efficiency, along with durability, low maintenance and lasting beauty.

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